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Do you have a group interested in a common topic of interest you'd like coaching on?

Would you like an ongoing or one-time Q&A session with a group?

​Are you interested in me teaching a class, group, or speaking at an event?


Please be in a private space where you are 100% comfortable to be vulnerable and open up about topics that may be difficult to discuss in front of others.


You do not have to worry about what to say, I take the lead!

At the end of our first call, I will assign you homework and we will develop a plan that works best for you emotionally, mentally, physically and environmentally. 


During our calls I will walk you through various exercises and assignments that create long-lasting change for your individual needs, wants, and lifestyle.

All Sessions are Zoom Calls - which I leave on Audio only, so no worries of even putting clothes on...

because honestly who wears pants anymore anyway, right?!

*My goal with every client is to teach you processes that will stick with you for life, find the amount of calls or a Package appropriate for YOU, help you build your LIFE TOOLBOX,

and set you free.

*Due to my extensive experience and expertise in not only understanding human behavior from a neuro-cognitive, physiological approach - I understand human behavior from a spiritual, energetic perspective as well which I apply during my sessions to find where you are resonating emotionally. I use exercises and techniques from there to work you through your first series of small shifts.

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