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Empowerment Coaching

LETS START OFF BY TELLING YOU WHAT IT'S NOT - a cheerleader telling you everything you do is right.

Sure, I support you with genuine enthusiasm as we make small shifts through some difficult stuff.

I also point out everything that is working in your life.

But my job is to figure out why the routines, habits and behaviors you are currently doing are not working.

Skating around truths, elephants in the room or being afraid to hurt someone has never helped someone shift into higher phase of growth.

Although I am very friendly, empathetic, and caring- I WILL PUSH YOU TO GROW because I genuinely care about my clients. I want you to benefit from EVERY MINUTE of our one hour sessions together and therefore I pack A LOT into one transform you quickly, yet at your own pace.

​Having just 5 SECONDS OF COURAGE to initiate and accept guidance or a new perspective is the first step to getting you on the path or Empowerment, Healing, Consistency or what that path is FOR YOU.

By default - WE BURY COURAGE

and with courage stuck, suffering, or numb to the world we cannot MOVE forward in any area of our life...

even though our Ego will always tell us "Nah you're doing GREAT! Keep JUST surviving!"

Your short life on this planet is worth MUCH MORE than just surviving.

My goal with every client is to teach you processes that will stick with you for life, find the amount of calls or Package appropriate for YOU, help you build your LIFE TOOLBOX and set you free.



Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Personal Empowerment Coach & Trauma Specialist

Text to schedule FREE consult: 818.927.2022 OR



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