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Lifelong Patient to Expert Coach

I have spent my life in and out of hospitals and countless doctors appointments. It is a crazy journey living this life but I have empowered myself and my illness by Advocating for and Coaching anyone who is newly diagnosed or has already been living with a any sort of ailment.

I bring you from a place of defeat to a place of empowering yourself through our sessions together. This in itself can take as long as you feel you need. I do recommemd to start out with 3 Coaching Calls with the Basic Wellness to Illness Package if you don't know where to begin. I can also help you get organized in various areas of your life you may feel overwhelmed, such as doctors appts and all the paperwork. I have even sat on a zoom call with clients while they made a difficult call to schedule a doctors appointment or fill out paperwork that brings overwhelming emotions and anxiety.

If you are struggling feeling alone, feeling scared, hopeless and unsure of how to deal with your illness, use that 20 seconds of Courage for the day and text, call or email me to set up that Free Discovery Call!

During our Discovery Call I ask questions and you answer and we dicuss what's going on in your life for 20-30 mins. There is no pressure on what to say, I take the lead!

I look forward to hearing from you!



Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Personal Empowerment Coach & Trauma Specialist

Text to schedule FREE consult: 818.927.2022 OR


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