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Tampa Women's Village 
(30's + beyond)

  • Life is hard.

  • Everything is (too) expensive.

  • We are alone.

  • Depression is at an all time high.

  • One of Suicide's biggest contributors is loneliness. 

  • More women are alone now than ever in history: working from home, homeschooling, raising children and our society glamorizes "doing it alone!"

    • WHY? How did we get here? We as women used to work together, cook together, and raise our families together in huts, farm homes, cabins, or lived together in one big home

  • Everything seems to cost at least $20 for a drop-in class for socializing

  • Spending money on dinners, drinks, events is GREAT but not doable for me multiple times a week

  • Being social is EXPENSIVE, yet being together is arguably one of the most IMPORTNAT factors we need, primitively to balance our hormones, increase our joy and purpose in living, and making life more fulfilling.  

  • After 2 years of the most depressed and lonely I have been in many years, I have been forced to get creative since my body cannot always keep up with working daily or showing up to social events. I can no longer drink alcohol and I suffer from an eating disorder due to health issues that is a daily FULL TIME JOB. 

  • I believe we as FAMILIES, and especially as women "stuck" at home, need to 

  • stick together. 

  • and get BACK TO OUR ROOTS:

  • Living in a VILLAGULAISTIC (totally made that word up) SOCIETY

  • and HELP EACH OTHER get through life; we are NOT MEANT TO DO THIS ALONE

  • Many of us cannot afford to keep BUYING social interactions

  • We are such an individualistic society and in my opinion, it does not work. 

  • This is why I want to offer you a FREE SPACE IN MY HOME to just BE, Work, Make Smoothies or Food (bring your own food and happy to prepare together!) We can make meals together, work together, do Yoga together, stretch, etc

  • I have a small home, but space for whatever you want to do. 

  • This is NOT a place to come promote your business!!!!!! 

  • This is NOT a networking opportunity!!!!

  • Obviously we will learn about each other and help each other and networking may come out of OGRANIC CONVERSATION, but please do not come here with the INTENT to Network. 

  • Maybe we can have a NETWORKING DAY specifically for this, but every other day is just to BE TOGETHER AND DO LIFE TOGETHER!

  • *No children over 1 years old at this time (we can talk about expanding this together and even taking turns at each other's homes)

  • *I have 3 cats and a dog: for first few hangouts, please refrain from bringing your pets

  • *bring your fave coffee (i have espresso machine!)

  • *once we have at least a few women we will start a Text Message Group (not doing social media)

  • *I call myself a hippy Christian (I may have made that up too), so am open to everything and do NOT allow my own beliefs to segregate me from relationships with brilliant, beautiful women from all walks of life!

  • -we could do a bible study day, a meditation focused day, etc 

  • -each day open we will have a new WRITING PROMPT for the day

  • -do not have to do this

  • -bring your journal, spend as much time on this prompt as you feel necessary

  • ((add member password to this page))

  • i dont have a fancey home and its very small however i have put this idea off for long enough and am just jumping in and trying this to see the result 

  • If youd like to bring any snacks or lunch feel free to! You're welcome to use the kitchen!

  • I understand part of anxiety is not knowing what environment you'll be in so here are some pictures of my home that are open to our Women's Village

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