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One aspect of my Innovative Health Coaching is working with individuals of all ages and abilities with minor to terminal health concerns. The most common time I am called is after a New Diagnosis

I guide you through a variety of tools and transformational exercises that focus on building a relationship with your body for the first time, or reigniting the one you once had.
I also assist loved ones with the emotional struggles and teach them how to Advocate properly for you, the patient.

It is important to me to have a tailored plan for your specific wants, needs, lifestyle, and ideal mind-body balance. Incorporating structure and routines to your day and getting things like your doctors appointments and more organized, is only one piece of what we do when you choose a Package. 

Free Tip: I completely get you! I am one of the oldest living people in the world born with half of a heart (HLHS)-which affects every organ in my body. According to Western Medicine, I wasn't "supposed" to live...but here I am! Being born with an always-lingering terminal illness brought on many mental health struggles as well...until I became obsessed with Trauma work!
Balancing my chronic, incurable, lifelong illness with Eastern & Western Medicine and living what I call "the hospital life" will always be, a full-time job. In addition to my education, previous career experiences with Disabled Children, Teens & Adults, and 14 years of Advocating as a Trailblazing Pioneer in the CHD Community, I have learned many tips and tricks along the way by simply trying countless experiments on my own body, while also learning from others with a variety of ailments and 

Enjoying the Woods

My Innovative Wellness Coaching is for individuals of all ages and abilities who are interested in learning how to connect and balance mind and body, moving beyond diagnosis and focusing on maintenance. This can be for yourself or a loved one who may not be able to do the Individual Calls themselves. 

I use an approach that incorporates a variety of tools and mind-expanding exercises you will have with you for life.

What I hear most from clients is that I am very practical, realistic, and genuinely care.  I definitely encourage you to push yourself when you are ready, challenge you, and keep it real! 

Therefore, I do not recommend "diets" of any sort. I am not going to tell you to stop eating your favorite foods, work out every single day even if you hate it, or to stop eating out.

One key part of my style of Health Coaching is building a relationship with food, which you will be able to apply throughout your life!

Free Tip: Being with nature is one grounding technique to balance mind and body, center yourself and awaken stagnant energy.


If you're interested in how this incorporates overall wellness, relationship with food, or getting your body where you want it to be, schedule your first Session or Free Discovery Call to learn more! 

I am so excited to help you discover what I call your Happy Place-where you can have your ideal lifestyle while making food and drink choices that you will feel confident about. 


As a Trauma Specialist, I guide single or multiple-event Trauma Survivors in your healing journey by teaching you how to strengthen the relationship with your body while taking various steps to free the mind. I educate you on Neuroplasticity and go as far as you are wanting to go with re-wiring your own brain! 

Getting the Courage to take this scary step without knowing every detail of what we will do together can feel like a lot of anxiety and fear. I understand you! I have been there. If you are feeling that, I highly suggest to take a step back, exit my website, ground yourself or sleep on it, and decide what feels right for you, based on where you are at in your recovery.

If you feel this could be the right path for you, we will then have a Free 20-30 min Consult Call and from there you choose if you think we will be a good team.

Free Tip: As a recurrent and multiple-event Trauma Survivor myself from 11 years of childhood abuse and medical traumas, I went through a 17 year healing process using multiple modalities, incorporating both Eastern & Western medicine and therapies. I have done the ruthless work of facing the most horrifying experiences which brought out the REAL me and taught me one of the biggest lessons I will teach you: "I AM NOT MY TRAUMA."

Your responses to traumatic stimuli for you are NOT who you are-even if that's all some people see-and even if others think there was nothing to "upset" you. This is why I also do Family & Couples Coaching - to teach loved ones how to better support a Trauma Recovery Survivor. 


You are not meant to do this alone!




Free Discovery Call
Let's Get Organized

The first step is Your FREE  30  min. Call!


Don't worry about what to say - I take the lead.

It is very common for people to say:


"I want help dealing with my illness, or new diagnosis." or

"I don't know if I have trauma..." or "I want to be healthier, but I don't know how..."

It's okay to not know, that's why I'm here!

We will go over the Sessions & Packages and see which one is the best fit for you if you choose to move forward. 

The goal with packages is to save money for you. Individual session's rates drop when you purchase

in bulk.

*There are NO hidden sales pitches, fees, or surprises! I am very direct, honest, transparent and truly want the best outcome for you!

whiteceoguy zoom.jpg


First Call
Let's Get To Work

Our first call will start out discussing the basics of the Package you chose and an overall brief look at our time together. 

We will jump right in and get to work!


I genuinely care that you get empowering information and feel you have taken steps you can be proud of.

To truly transform, we have to be willing to face ourselves and the parts of our life we may not want to be real - and doing this work gets you on the other side of your fears, doubts, anxiety for the future, and more.


Please keep in mind: 

Everyone will have a different timeline!

I am very passionate about my work and confident I will help you in our time together, whether that is one session or multiple!




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