Traditional Life Coaching vs Empowerment Coaching:

As a Life Coach, I have been practicing for 4 years now, helping clients with achieving goals, list making, task checking, organizing their overall life and relationships and always helping parents re-structure their parenting and children (one of my personal passions). I have been there as their accountability partner to accomplish goals that have been put off due to lacking that one helpful piece: someone to keep you on your toes!

Empowerment Coaching:

As an Empowerment Coach, it is a much deeper level of work. What we do together is in-depth digging-into the roots of what makes you tick, to uncover what is not working in your life, pulling up the WHY instead of just changing a few things here and there, and find where you are resonating emotionally. This, then guides us to homework and challenging discussions that eventually creates new neural pathways through Neuroplasticity - giving you a permanent, indestructible approach to your life. Or in other words - creates new routines and habits for you that will give you long-lasting change if you commit to facing the ugly stuff in life...which I will definitely pull out of you to be exposed for it to then be healed. Keeping things buried keeps our minds and bodies sick, builds illness and long-term destruction of relationships, jobs, and overall happiness in life. 

Remember - quick fixes feel good, and you can keep pushing through day by day, week by week, month by month until you explode. Or you can start now by taking that first step to invest in yourself and create a hefty toolbox to carry around with you at all times, that you can use in any situation.


With repetition we can rewire our brains to do anything!


From my own personal experience and opinion below are my thoughts on this subject. You are welcome to disagree and still receive every single benefit there is of both Coaching AND Therapy! 

I was in therapy for 25 years. So, to say I know the process of therapy is an understatement. I also worked with two Neuropsychologists for 4 years doing Accelerated Resolution Therapy and various other ways of healing Complex PTSD, which I had been diagnosed with at 28 years old.

Basic therapists changed my life, gave me perspectives I would have never discovered on my own, started me on my path to healing from various traumas, taught me skills and helped me build my toolbox of coping mechanisms, and best of all was free with my health insurance-something Coaching doesn't offer.

After being in therapy for 25 years they all began to sound and look the same. In my mid-twenties I had discovered Neuroplasticity and began taking free Neuroscience classes on YouTube at schools like Yale, Princeton and Harvard that students had video-taped. In addition to that I researched and studied every single resource I could possibly find and began rewiring my own brain-trying to undo my own trauma, not knowing what was wrong with me or why I couldn't seem to get out of repeating the same mistakes or behaviors because therapy was TOO SLOW FOR ME and I WAS STUCK!

When you read my book, you will find out I was born with a "tick, tick, ticking" in my mind – never wanting to waste one moment of life. And after about 10 or so years of therapy, I began to feel they were all the same, saying the same stuff and not pushing me for real change or even caring if I changed at all! Just dragging things out week after week to keep me as an ongoing client.

I promised myself if I ever become a therapist or Coach of any sort I would never hold back information that could truly help someone, as I noticed so many therapists had done with me.

I'd never feel okay with myself dragging sessions out for years, when I have a wealth of information inside of me that I know could truly heal people in just a few months to a year depending on their individual needs and wants. I also felt that going the therapy route would not allow me to be creative with my clients and use the enormously versatile resources I can pull from. I didn’t know what I wanted to do as long-term career because I didn’t know Coaching existed.

I can't even count how many times I had left a therapist's office upset, sometimes in a downward spiral for the rest of the day, because they either wouldn't say much of anything except nod their head, answer my questions in a round-about way as if I couldn't handle the information, wouldn't stop talking about themselves, or stop 45 minutes in, to kick me out at that famous 50 minute mark - even though clients are booked for an hour.

So, now here I am on the cutting edge of Empowerment Coaching and taking my therapy and coaching skills to truly heal people in half of the time it took me by taking out all of the "fluff." 

I am so happy and thankful to be able to pay it forward, transform lives, and help those out there who also don’t like to waste time.