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New Year - No Goals!

My head looks weird, but trying to see the tree in the background. 😆 The last 2yrs have been Best Christmases in my adult life...and will keep getting better! So thankful for the people in my life! 🙏

*family & friends pics I keep privately*

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and looking fwd to New Years! Remember to set REALISTIC SMART GOALS - not goals that will have you giving up from the pressure after a month. 💪

New Years Goals for me include no pressure! Some of that includes losing expectations and letting myself to make mistakes like every other human being. Let's start with a few of my New Years Goals, or lack thereof:

I will not be eating more or less.

I will not be drinking anything different - except less coffee, but that's an ongoing addiction and struggle - no deadline for that lol.

I will not be expecting any big life changes outside of my own control.

I will not be working out more or less.

I will not be cleaning more or less.

I will not be taking care of my health more or less...unless something unexpected of course. #chdlife

I will not be getting anymore certifications or degrees unless an opportunity presents itself as a result of my never-ending relentless work on myself and future -- but not striving for anymore at this time.

I will not be seeking more or less friendships - but always open to more!

I love everyone, that's my biggest problem in life lol-Always!

WHY am I not striving for anything "new" this year outside of my continued dreams with my career & Mama life?

Because my personal daily life is a CONSTANT FLUCTUATION of all of the above and I learned through my Health, Empowerment, and Trauma Coach schooling, work, and certification programs that I refuse to ever set myself up for failure again because it puts me into a depression and dark place of hating myself, my CHD Life, and takes me away from God and being grateful. SO my New Years Goals are to HAVE NONE. 🥳


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