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My Mission



I am an old soul with versatile experiences who blindly navigated my way through life being one of the oldest living survivors with half of a heart - called HLHS: a form of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

Even after multiple heart surgeries, I had an always-lingering terminal illness - never knowing when my time was up. I experienced repeated medical traumas and prayed my way through 11 years of childhood abuse.

At 18 I was an official "adult" with my own apartment and found myself babysitting everyone's children and pets for free in my downtime. I discovered I still had this deep desire to protect those whom I perceived as fragile.

I was on a mission to save children and disabled individuals who could not speak for themselves by teaching families, patients, and doctors how to relate and communicate with a human outside of their own cognitive understanding: children and the developmentally disabled.

I spent my entire adulthood thus far as a Nanny and Certified Caregiver for mostly Special Needs children and adults-hoping to "save the world one family at a time" as my business card read.

I wanted to soak up every ounce of life that I had left. I became hyper-focused on staying busy every single second and needed to avoid the relentless ticking clock in the back of my mind.

To cope, I needed to be valued by others, which made me feel I had a purpose. And I discovered my value was being born with a natural gift to protect, understand, and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. I had always felt an overwhelming amount of love to give and didn't want my lessons I had learned to go to waste. ​

In 2007, after speaking at multiple conferences and getting to know my own community of people, I became the first person in the community talk about "edgy" subjects. From there, I started a blog and coined: Taboo Subjects of CHD, where I focused on speaking out about mental health issues and overall lifestyle of a teen and young adult with CHD.

After somehow still being alive, I decided I'm not going anywhere for awhile and need to invest in MYSELF instead of everyone else for a change. In my late twenties to early thirties, my health began to decline rapidly and I therefore could no longer keep up with children or being an Assistant to CEO's.

I had to think of a better plan...something I could do from home where I could take breaks, naps, and take care of my body when it needs me to...


That pushed me into deciding to finally take the baby steps to turn my passions into a career.

I began writing my first book while attending an amazing Life Coaching School.

I was a Life & Health Coach while writing my book but still didn't feel I was done.

I continued as a Patient and Family Advocate and Coaching Chronic Illness Families for countless individuals.

I looked into more Coaching Schools and that's when I found the SWAT Institute.


Two years later...2020: I am now a Certified Personal Empowerment Coach, Trauma Recovery Specialist and Health Coach. A soon to be Author of my first book and in a Masters Program to take my Trauma Coaching & Patient & Family Advocacy to the next level.

Due to my extensive experience and expertise in not only understanding human behavior from a neuro-cognitive, physiological approach - I understand human behavior from a spiritual, energetic perspective as well which I apply during my sessions to find where you are resonating emotionally and I use exercises and techniques from there to work you through your first series of small shifts.

HLHS, 1985


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