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We don't always know we are overwhelmed until we put our day/week/month on paper and make a schedule.

Why would you want to look for places you may be overwhelmed?

To create back up plans and prevent falling through the cracks-as there will be unexpected ones anyway right?

The root of this exercise is stress management, because it's all in the little things.

These quick reminders are an encouraging 5 minute checklist to review your week or month and see where some adjustments could be made. "ASK FOR HELP" is huge...and the most important yet difficult, for me. Although I have gotten a lot better asking for help throughout the years, I have found how much smoother my life goes when I DO push myself to ask for help. It doesn't mean it's not challenging though, but since I know the overall goal is to manage my stress level-I do what I need to do even if my ego doesn't like it. ;P



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