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Sugar & Scavengers: The Primitive Brain

SUGAR & THE BRAIN: Happy National Dessert Day!

On an evolutionary basis, our primitive ancestors were scavengers. Sugary foods are excellent sources of energy, so we have evolved to find sweet foods particularly pleasurable. Foods with unpleasant, bitter, and sour tastes can be unripe, poisonous, or rotting—causing sickness.

So to maximize our survival as a species, we have an innate brain system that makes us like sweet foods since they’re a great source of energy to fuel our bodies.

When we eat sweet foods the brain’s reward system—called the mesolimbic dopamine system—gets activated. Dopamine is a brain chemical released by neurons and can signal that an event was positive. When the reward system fires, it reinforces behaviors—making it more likely for us to carry out these actions again."

These are one of many food relationship topics we discuss and help you figure out if you are coming to me for Health Coaching and would like to stop or cut down on sweets.

From there, I have many creative ways that will shift your perception on the food you eat as well as help you create new routines that are made for long-term results!

Quick-fixes and diets are not my style of coaching or living! I only teach what I live and Coach Clients into a more empowered place that is best for their individual lifestyle.

If you are craving sugar today and WANT to not be? Ask yourself what small, tiny change can you make today to feel confident about your decision?



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