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How to "Be Yourself"

People say to "BE YOURSELF" but it's not always, how do you tap into being yourself, especially when you're not feeling like you?

Just a reminder to keep being yourself! If someone else wants you to be someone else and that doesn't align with your goals or vision for your own life?

Re-prioritize the relationships in your life, create strong boundaries with those "stuck" in your life forever.

Try to separate other people's pain from yours. Re-prioritizing relationships is an area I can honestly say I am naturally gifted and with the structure and teachings of my Coaching schools, my gifts have more value in many people's eyes...but what matters most is I have started to value MYSELF now, in ways I never have before, which I will teach you how to do as well.

I know I am and will continue to change people's lives because nothing about me is "basic" - or the same as any other Coach learning the same techniques because I spin my natural gifts into everything I do, as do they, and no one is the same!

If you are hesitating to do something that you are truly passionate about and called to do yet it already being out there or what may seem like "but everyone is doing it now" it doesn't matter because no one else is YOU!

For example: What I bring to the table that is DIFFERENT from any other Coach out there is my LIFE EXPERIENCE in a melting pot of a long road of studying and living in countless Family Dynamics, helping mend many different types of Relationships, personally healing on my own Trauma Recovery path as well as teaching others how to heal their Trauma.

For 15 yrs I was also a fly on the wall in countless high-profile CEO offices & homes as an Exec. Assistant, or Nanny, Caregiver for Special Needs Families & overall House Manager.

Not to mention my 35 years of experience dealing with doctors, hospitals and living what I call the "hospital life."

Now, with my total of 4 years of training in Coaching Schools, all of the above (more detail on website soon) is mixed with my purely loving, deeply empathetic firey soul that is both intellectually & spiritually trained in various aspects of one common theme: Human Behavior & how humans form, maintain, and sever RELATIONSHIPS on a neurological level. Don't worry, I don't talk about neurons in my calls though - I just do the work.

And our first relationship is with ourselves. By first nurturing and healing the one relationship most people try to avoid the most: Ourselves-it becomes a ripple effect of positive reactions and changes in every single aspect of life.



Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Personal Empowerment Coach & Trauma Specialist

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