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Samiya, 26

She is extremely practical with the approach to our topics of discussion. She is real and relatable, and makes me feel comfortable to talk about anything. I am happy to continue working with her. You can really see how much she cares about helping her clients and how passionate she is about her work to truly help others make changes. To be totally honest, I have grown more working with her for 3 months than I have in many many years.

Chloe, 44

Stephanie is just wonderful. She is a unique soul who radiates that in her calls. I highly recommend her. I did a 12 Week Trauma Program with her and it changed my life. I know there are 3 Levels but just completing the first was a transformation for me! When I'm ready I'm coming back for Level 2. I loved having the "Add-Ons" option which helped me with the more difficult weeks. 
She is easy to talk to! She is down to earth, funny and oddly enough - fun to work with through difficult situations and topics that I think with anyone else would have been a bit awkward for me. I look forward to her book and being in touch in the future! 

Oscar, 32

Stephanie taught me how to have what she calls a "relationship with the body and food" which really expanded my mind with how I thought about eating. I did the Six Week Package and may come back again next year to learn and work on more. I know what we went over isn't even half of what she does, but was all I could afford at the time. She is worth every penny! Her exercises and assignments are powerful! I didn't expect to get so much out of a Health Coaching Package, but she incorporates many other areas of life  too which I wasn't expecting. Even though it was a challenge I needed it to make the big changes in life.

Jacklyn, 28 

I own multiple businesses and Stephanie helped me get my mind, life and businesses organized. I manage hundreds of people daily and life is crazy...I called to get help with my business and after just five calls I left a better woman and more confident in other areas of my life too, outside of business. She is very knowledgeable about many different topics! Also very passionate and helpful about food and nutrition, and business and relationships. She has worked for many CEO's which helped me understand what I needed to change and how to better organize my team then also linked in health and wellness to business...which was impressive and taught me a lot. She has a different way of looking at health problems and food issues that is refreshing and life changing! She's good at getting groups of people organized and into a routine. I'd highly recommend her!

Andy, 27

I started hiring Stephanie as a coach years ago to help me with my disability and organize my overy busy life with too many doctors appointments plus everything else. There is so much she has helped me with through the years. I still know I can call her even many years later and do new sessions. There is always more to talk about. She is cool and easy to talk to. She knows so much about nutrition and food while also living with a disability. I am not into natural medicine like her but she showed me a lot of cool ways to still get healthy and add more nutrients to my food without "dieting" which I don't like. Having a coach with a chronic illness is helpful in so many ways because it also feels like a friend that you have known a long time. I was surprised how much she knows about guys with health problems too so that was really cool. I recommend Stephanie. Last, her passion for wanting to really help inspires me to want to be healthy and advocate better for myself at the doctors.

Melissa, 36

I have six kids and a husband so I am obviously all over the place lol. I did her "Revamp Your Village" Package...and that's exactly what she did! She developed new routines, charts, schedules and plans with me for me and my husband and all of my kids, which has changed my life. She helped our relationship too which we never had time for before. I did two months of weekly coaching with her and got more out of it than two years in therapy because of how much is packed in each session. She is great with relationships of all kinds. She helped me get organized with my career and on a food routine too that works for my body and family (since we all like different foods). She is empathetic and strong so will push you to your best self, unlike my experiences with therapists. I recommend her because her prices for the amount of info and help you get is great and without her I'd be going crazy during COVID! I'll probably do more sessions with her in a few months. 

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