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Achieving Peace: But first, Define it

On the scale of emotions that we work using one of the many tools I pull from with Empowerment Coaching, PEACE is at the top of many of our goals to reach.

But, what IS peace for you?

How do you think you can truly achieve living in peace no matter what is going on around you?

Do you find yourself saying things like: I COULD be living in peace IF this person did or said THAT or if someone acted like this or that?

That is control and fear...two emotions that very well serve us as well as hurt us. But in order to move through control and fear, as well as many other emotions, we have to heal some stuff before we reach our own definition of PEACE.

So, just for today...Define PEACE and write down how you think you can achieve it this year or next.

Feel free to email that to me and book your Free Discovery Call and we will start working together on how to navigate in and through the muck of what's holding you back from achieving your utopia.



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