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Permission to Rest

Do you allow yourself to relax and recharge? Or do you tell yourself if you sit down you'll lose all steam, like me?

As hard as it is for me to rest, it's just as hard to admit it.

I have never been one to just "accept" or "be okay" being born with what was supposed to be a terminal illness...

So, with that comes a lot emotional struggles and one of those is admitting I need more REST than heart-healthy people.

This means I HAVE to say NO sometimes.

This means I HAVE to STOP sometimes.

This means I HAVE to take Social Media and Socializing IRL breaks.

This means I eventually accept this and love myself for the way I was brought into this world because if I don't, I suffer physically as a result of suffering mentally and emotionally.

I have had to learn how to get UNSTUCK in my default settings of being ashamed of being born with a lethal heart condition, Complex CHD. I have had to learn it's OKAY to rest, relax, and say no to plans.

Some people have a hard getting up, I have a problem sitting down and allowing myself to STOP being busy. I have to give myself the permission to rest more than I'd like to AND avoid self doubt or low self esteem in the process.

I love feeling ALIVE and being busy makes me feel I am getting EVERYTHING out of life while I'm here!


If you are feeling unmotivated, so busy you're unorganized, or STUCK in ANY area of your life, sign up for a FREE 15-30 Min Consult with me, a very soon to be official Empowerment Coach!

I have been a Life Coach for 3 years now, but Empowerment Coaching takes the simplicity of Life Coaching to a level of internal FREEDOM that I can promise you have never experienced. Then the Health Coaching aspect incorporates the Mind & Body with what you are putting into both. I have many creative processes of how I coach each individual client based on what YOU are wanting and needing out of your life.



Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Personal Empowerment Coach & Trauma Specialist

Text to schedule FREE consult: 818.927.2022 OR



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