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Quick Grounding Technique: Who AM I?

"What" are you and who do you want to be tomorrow?

Who have you been through this quarantine?

During the Black Lives Matter Movement?

During the ups and downs of COVID's rules?

During the potentially difficult transition of idealizing working from home vs actually now living it?

Has this given you perspective on the disabled community?

Understand that this "Quarantine Life" is the everyday life of one on disability except add not being able to have your own assets, make as much money as you want without the threat of losing your healthcare, and more. To learn more about "Disability Life" check out some Articles on my CHD Legacy website.

Have you lost yourself or found more of yourself?


I encourage you to take 5 seconds, choose one word, and ask yourself:

Who Am I today vs yesterday?

Who do I want to be tomorrow? What will I do to achieve that this week?

AM I ... Courageous? Worthy? Confident? Brave? Beautiful? Grateful? Humbled? Wise? Fearless? Important? Inspired? Motivated? Blessed? Focused? Deserving? ... Enough? ...



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