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Food Relationship & Eating Disorders

Let's talk about one of my FAVORITE relationships and topics to guide my clients through during our Coaching Sessions: RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD!

Eating Disorders, & Body Image issues are more Taboo Subjects in the CHD & Chronic Illness Community that I talk about but have yet to write about.

Phases of binging, throwing up, or starving ourselves to control our bodies yet attempt to feel and look "normal" is more common than you may think. I discovered this among hundreds of other topics we have in common (as you know!) after spending my twenties & early 30's Advocating - traveling, and interviewing CHDers & other Chronic Illness Warriors all over the world. I learned I'd been far from alone in that struggle when I was younger.

Our relationship with food goes DEEP & I'm excited to say over the past 2 years I have learned some amazing healing strategies to re-route your relationship with food!

Through Coaching school and the work we have to do as well, I've had to do a lot of work around zeroing in on my Coaching "niche" in school & through being Coached by multiple Coaches. I have discovered that Food is one of my favorite things in life, yet although it's not my #1 niche - it is something I am very confident in that will truly change people's lives.

This isn't about weight loss or dieting - this is about finding your relationship with food & beyond. I do that with you through a series of exercises & assigning you homework that will guide you into discovering your own answers...and honestly blow your mind.

If you want a quick-fix with minimal effort though, I wouldn't recommend you waste your time or money hiring me.

I DON'T do quick-fix results type Coaching!

I dig in to your brain & we work on HEALING you, long-term, by creating new neural pathways. If you truly want long-lasting change, it's already inside of you.

Hiring me as your Personal Empowerment Coach or Health Coach will show you where & how to access it!



Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Personal Empowerment Coach & Trauma Specialist

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