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Nutrients On The Run!

How can you get nutrients on the run?

I recommend Smoothies and Juices to every client in a crunch looking for more nutrients. That can either be from your own kitchen or your favorite local grab-n-go Smoothie Cafe.

It's a quick way to get ample amounts of vitamins, minerals, and hydration into your body and a lot faster than a salad.

A quick meal-replacement or addition is to grab a smoothie or have smoothies prepared you can grab from home. For a meal replacement you can add protein powder.

If you are looking to meal prep long term you can even freeze them, which I do for vacations to keep my immunities up.

There are many ways to incorporate smoothies into your life for the entire family...well, maybe not the dog or cat but I guess you could try it. ;P

Looking to build a new relationship with your body? Want more details on how to incorporate Smoothies into your life? Interested in my favorite go-to recipes? Feel defeated by even the THOUGHT of making a smoothie?

Let's do this together!



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