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Why Do Black Lives Matter?

I have unfortunately heard all the "hype" of many people not understanding WHY Black Lives Matter is a Movement. After hearing enough on social media, I found someone who explained it best for those who have a hard time understanding.

And what better way to have something explained than with comedy!?!

I have quoted some of my favorite parts of his bit below:

(BLACK LIVES MATTER) "Not matters more than YOU ... just matters ... Can you believe there are people out there fighting for EQUAL Rights and there's people out there like nah we disagree ... Black people aren't even fighting for EQUAL rights, we're fighting for just CIVIL Rights ... that's it ... just be civil is all we're asking...

Slavery - ohh that was 400 years ago. Segregation - ohh, well you guys got black history month out of it ... Police shooting - ughh that was 2 weeks ago, still?

9-11 - oh, NEVER FORGET! ... Thats why this September Im gettn a shirt that say ALL BUILDINGS MATTER! Lets see how that works."

- Michael Che

LOVE HIM!! I love comedy and I think it is an art that some people are gifted with to use to teach the world while speaking about what some may view as sensitive subjects!

Please watch or listen!



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