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Trauma: 1st Step

Surviving trauma is the first step. When you escape the person(s), environment, and/or the illness that has been haunting you and find yourself not having to fight's time to enter the healing zone. Making the decision to heal is the next step. And lastly, your final step that you will spend months or years in is the process of undoing what has been done to you.

If you were born with a traumatizing illness like me...into a body you can't escape...then the path to healing is a bit different.

If interested in learning how to navigate through the healing process of a body you can't escape, this is one area I specialize in as an Advocate, Certified Empowerment Coach, Health Coach, and Trauma Specialist. Schedule Free Consult Here

Once on the path of healing: Push through the pain with various techniques and skills I will teach you along the way that you will have for a lifetime. Because once you get to the other side of pain -- you will experience a freedom and love for yourself that you may have thought was impossible.

Don't give up on yourself even if the rest of the world does.

Keep going...and give yourself the permission to REST...even when it feels impossible.

Use your resources and research! If you need help, that's part of what I do as your Coach.

Remember: There is free and affordable help everywhere!!

-Stephanie Romer

HLHS, 1985


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